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A Cooperative Experience


As a cooperative, the Wolfeboro Nursery School operation duties are carried out by our Board of Directors. We welcome and encourage parents to be involved in the school as their schedule allows.
A parent’s active participation in the preschool benefits not just the child, but the parent and whole family. Enthusiastic parent support is one of the school's most valuable resources.​ As a classroom helper, cooperative parents share in their child’s first school experience, gaining insight into their learning process and social development.  
​A cooperative is a great way to establish a network of families for play dates, support and make new friends with children the same age.​ As a cooperative parent you'll have the opportunity to shape your child’s school and the nature of their education. WNS parents play an active role in school administrative duties, fundraising and curriculum. 
At Wolfeboro Nursery School, we strive to maintain our cooperative character while accommodating the changing needs of modern families. As a result, parents are encouraged to participate as their schedules allow.
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