The Board of Directors is a big part of a successful cooperative school experience. Our Board is comprised of parents of current students and alumni. It sets and enacts policy for the preschool. They are the legal officers of the preschool which is mandated for non-profits bylaws. The Board works directly with the teachers as a team to give our students the best opportunities and keep the school running smoothly. This includes planning and execution of fundraisers, community event involvement, enrichment programs and much more. (Plus, they have a pretty good time together!)

Board Meetings are open to all families. These are wonderful opportunities to work with teachers and other parents concerning the interests and needs of your preschoolers.


Meetings typically take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the preschool. Please confirm date and time of meeting with our secretary prior to attending.

President: Kelly Collopy

Vice President​: Lawrel Strauch-Spera

Secretary: Mariellen Howard


Treasurer: Nick Collopy


Education Chair: Shannon Riley-Martin

Members at Large: Shianne Cochrane,

Maria Eldridge, Michayla Piper