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Our Philosophy

At The Wolfeboro Nursery School, we strive to preserve in the child a feeling of joy, a respect for life and a love of learning. We enjoy that each child is unique and will grow at his or her own pace. 
We believe that we can best nurture each child’s creativity and growing sense of independence by creating a warm, secure environment that is stimulating and yet consistent in the rhythmic predictability of the day.
Our philosophy is reflected in every aspect of our program. We understand that play is a child’s work. Our program allows ample opportunities for independent play-oriented explorations in imaginative free play, nature, science investigations and artistic activities. 
Above all, our teachers strive to create a safe, non-threatening, joyful environment.  We recognize that by providing an opportunity for children to develop a love for school, we are helping to ensure a lifelong love of learning.​
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