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Parent Testimonals

"My son graduated from WNS last year and is now in kindergarten at Carpenter School. His father and I recently attended our first parent teacher conference and were pleased to learn he is not only meeting all requirements, but is kind and a good friend. We truly believe this is a direct result of education and values instilled during his two years at WNS." - Casey Rogers, mother of Daniel (Class of 2017)

He has made leaps and bounds since starting his preschool education at WNS! The teachers are creative, caring and passionate. They’ve equipped my son with the tools to progress socially, emotionally, and intellectually as he prepares for kindergarten." - Caitlin Ericson, mother of Elijah (Class of 2019)

“The teachers are loving, nurturing and invested in the academic and social success of each child. We are amazed by the broad subject matter they cover, and how they have ignited a love of learning in Sam at such a young age. He comes home from school excited to share what he has learned with us, and eager to return! WNS will always hold a special place in our hearts." - Sara Henriod, mother of Mary Kate (Class of 2016) and
Sam (Class of 2018)

 Our son attended the Ladybug Class last year beginning in the fall. It was a bit of a rocky start. We dropped him off the first day and got a call a short time later that he was having a hard time adjusting to being in a new environment with new people.


From the second day to the end of the first half of the year we stayed with him the entire morning to be sure he was comfortable. With the support of Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Natasha, we worked with our son and successfully reached our goal of dropping him off and leaving without him being upset. We loved that WNS let us do this at our son's pace and didn't rush the process.


We got to see more than most parents, including the interaction of the children with each other and the teachers. We saw the most caring, giving, patient and dedicated teachers any parent could ask for. They took the time to work with each student and always made sure the kids were learning and having fun! Every day there were new activities that made them want to be there. In addition, the kids were assigned jobs such as feeding the class fish (Twinkle), serving as line leader and weather forecaster. Our son learned so much over the course of the year and most importantly got to interact with other children his age (that was our primary goal since he is an only child).


When school resumed after the new year, we got to drop off and our son asked us to leave! His comfort level with his teachers and classmates had grown and he didn't need us there anymore. My husband and I could not have wished for a better preschool experience for our son. We are so thankful and would highly recommend the Wolfeboro Nursery School."  - The Austins, parents of Owen

(Class of 2023)

“We noticed such positive growth in Rowan once he started at the Nursery School. Not only did he gain academic readiness for kindergarten, but also self confidence and expanded social skills. He loved his teachers, friends and absolutely looked forward to school days! Finn was thrilled when it was his time to go and follow in his big brother's footsteps. Liam is eagerly awaiting his turn! We made a lot of great family friends and have had wonderful experience at WNS." - Lawrel Strauch-Spera, mother of Rowan (Class of 2018), Finley (Class of 2021) and Liam (class of 2025)

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