Arrival: Selection of small group activities/projects, block area, sensory table, dramatic play & manipulatives
Circle Time: Calendar & weather, music & movement, drama, and/or cooperative activities *The Surprise Box *
Bathroom Break: Speaks for itself! Handwashing is also done at this time to prepare for snack. Children are encouraged to use the restroom whenever they need
Snack: Relaxed, small group conversation while eating. Healthy snacks are included in monthly tuition costs.
Book or Puzzle Choice/Journal Writing: Quiet time for independent/partner reading or puzzle construction - we may also use this time to work in our individual journals (illustrations, writing, dictation)
Outdoor Play: Gross motor development - weather permitting on our playground. 

Story/Instruction Time: More in depth circle time to learn about something new in the area of Language Arts, Math, or Science...a time to discuss or read about a theme topic and then give directions for the activities to follow
Centers: One to three activities (depending on the time needed to complete the projects) incorporating various area of the curriculum i.e. math, science, language arts, and fine motor development
Dismissal: Collect belongings, discuss events of the day & sing The Goodbye Song